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Labour Friends of Israel Again Call for Chris Williamson to Resign: Here's Why

The discredited Labour Friends of Israel group has once again called on Labour’s Chris Williamson to resign from the party after the MP liked a Tweet that claimed Israel offered a “1m bounty for Labour insiders to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.”

The Tweet, from Nadeem Ahmed, states that Israel offered a £1m bounty for Lavour insiders to undermine the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour Friends of Israel were indignant.

“Chris Williamson’s decision to help propagate these repeatedly denied utter lies demonstrates once again not simply that he shouldn’t sit as a Labour MP but that he’s unfit to be a member of the House of Commons. If Jeremy Corbyn allows the whip to be restored it will underline his continuing utter disregard for the Jewish community and the truth.”

Jennifer Gerber, Director Labour Friends of Israel

However, despite LFI denials, there is video evidence for the claim made by Nadeem.

In 2017, the landmark Al Jazeera series The Lobby exposed the Israeli regime’s interference in the British political process. Undercover footage showed Shai Masot, senior political officer at the Israeli embassy, plotting to “take down” the Conservative Alan Duncan MP. The video goes on to show Masot informing Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan that he has access to “more than 1 million pounds” of Israeli funding to bring sympathetic politicians to Israel for junkets.

The implication of financial rewards and favours for positions sympathetic toward the far-right Israeli government is made quite clear in the documentary as is the extent of the links between Labour Friends of Israel and the Israeli government, other footage showing Labour activists discussing the apartheid state’s role in backing their activities.

The Lobby stands as a piece of primary evidence against the ongoing “antisemitism crisis” conspiracy theory, a theory now widely debunked as the machinations of the Israeli government and sympathisers in the Labour Party, including both those who are actually pro-Israel and those merely opposed to the socialist leadership of jeremy Corbyn.

A 2017 YouGov poll shows that while 32% of Labour members endorsed an antisemitic statement, 40% of Conservative Party members endorsed the comments and 39% of UKIP members did.

Jewish Voice for Labour, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jewdas and Independent Jewish Voices have all condemned suggestions that Labour are antisemitic, all stating that the accusations are designed to conflate antisemitism with criticism of Israel and undermine the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Prominent Jewish thinkers Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein have also added their weight to the criticism.

Chris Williamson is currently suspended from the party following a recent purge that has seen the suspension or expulsion of dozens of pro-Palestinian, anti-racist and anti-apartheid campaigners including Jackie Walker and the actor John Graham Davies. There have also been calls for Richard Burgon to resign after he correctly labelled Zionism as an “enemy of peace”.

A breakdown of the 2017 YouGov poll shows that antisemitism fell under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn between 2015 and 2017.

The fact that LFI is essentially a propaganda exercise for the Israeli government is almost undeniable at this stage and not only linked to ongoing interference in the British political process but also engages in the dissemination of propaganda and conspiracy theories in an effort to undermine the democratically elected leader of the opposition, a leader that has taken Labout into a 10-point lead over the Conservatives.

The fact that Labour Friends of Israel even exists is a scandal.

Israel is a state in violation of numerous international laws, it is a state that has, since 2000, been responsible for 10,000 Palestinian deaths, 2,500 of them children. It has shown a willingness to promote interference in the political process and spread false propaganda to undermine the leadership of the party.

Would Labour allow a Friends of Saudi Arabia? or a Friends of North Korea?

In 2001, Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith ordered the Monday Club to suspend it’s links to the Tories until such time as the group proved it was not a racist endeavour. Perhaps it’s time that the Labour Party took similar action against the Labour Friends of Israel.

It is time the Labour Party dissociated itself from the group until such time as the LFI feel able to prove that it neither supports Israel’s criminality, it is not anti-Palestinian or anti-Arab, it is not involved in the subversion of the British political process and it feels able to commit to not spreading fake news to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and other opponents of Israeli apartheid.



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