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Jewish Corbyn Supporters Making Their Voices Heard on Twitter

Hundreds of Jewish Labour supporters are making their voices heard on social media as they come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn, rejecting the fearmongering and fake news of the mainstream press and political opponents.

Tweeting under the hashtag #Jews4Labour, there have been pledges of support from members of the Jewish community across the country alongside statements of solidarity from non-Jewish Labour members.

While the hashtag has been in existence for a while, the trend exploded after the inspirational appearance of Lila Rose on the BBC’s Question Time, the clip of the young woman defending Jeremy Corbyn being widely shared on social media.

The backlash amongst Jews increased after the Jewish Chronicle’s widely condemned and derided front-page editorial the follwoing day, November 8th, which stated the highly erroneous “fact” that “the vast majority of British Jews consider Jeremy Corbyn to be an antisemite”.

Some, including the legendary Miriam Margolyes, produced videos stating why they support Corbyn

Others voiced their support with messages of solidarity for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

Many of the comments rejected the 4-year campaign of smears from Blairite centrists and the Israeli far-right and backed Jeremy Corbyn’s long standing commitment to anti-racism and solidarity against neo-fascism and racism.

There were also voices of solidarity from non-Jews.

The claims that there is widespread antisemitism within the Labour Party have long since been proven to be a fabrication, with those pushing the agenda known to be members of far-right Zionist and Islamophobic groups with links to the likes of the EDL and Tommy Robinson, the claims being backed by those opposed to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. The claims that suggest the Jewish community is overwhelmingly anti-Corbyn and anti-Labour is another aspect of the fake news campaign to smear Corbyn that are widely disseminated by the hard-right press alone.

The campaign has engaged in years of antisemitic abuse of Jews who’ve stood in solidarity with Corbyn, with vile attacks on activists identity, faith and character regularly being seen online. Accusations that socialist opponents are “not real Jews” and “traitors” being the norm as the campaign has attempted to silence the dissent. 

This new campaign by left-wing members of the Jewish community is a timely intervention to once and for all put to rest these claims as Socialist Jews become tired of having their voices taken away. The sense that the likes of the hard-right Jewish Chronicle have overplayed their hand and finally gone too far is hard to escape from.



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