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Jess Say No: Labour Supporters Overwhelmingly Reject Jess Phillips As Next Leader

Surprising absolutely nobody, Jess Philips has thrown her hat into the ring to be the next leader of the Labour Party.

Obviously deciding that the news of impending war in the Middle East could wait a few moments for her announcement, the continually self-promoting Philips either lacked total self-awareness or exposed the nature of her campaign as an effort to troll Labour supporters by stating that she was standing “because I think that we need more honesty in politics”

Well, her reaction to Labour’s defeat on election night was honest enough at least. Hilarious.

Instantly heading to the front of the pack as the Blairite candidate, Philips has a long history of siding against socialist Labour candidates and indeed siding against Labour in general.

“I’ve said [this] to him and to his staff to their faces: ‘The day that… you are hurting us more than you are helping us, I won’t knife you in the back, I’ll knife you in the front.’”

Jess Phillips on Jeremy Corbyn

“Labour under Corbyn feels like I’ve been locked out of my home”

Jess Phillips in the Murdoch owned Times

Far from only lacking solidarity with socialism and left-wing Labour, Phillips seems to more interested in greasing the poles of the connected and wealthy, being in attendance at Rupert Murdoch’s Penthouse Party and being far too comfortable around Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“Rupert Murdoch threw what sounds like the party of the night with selected MPs, celebs and media types invited to a private drinks event at his grand penthouse apartment in St James, overlooking Green Park. Daiquiris were on the menu… Among the politicians chosen to toast the season with Murdoch and wife Jerry Hall were Dominic Raab … Tom Tugendhat … Kemi Badenoch … Jess Phillips … Priti Patel … and Rishi Sunak. They mingled with celebs including Bill Wyman … Grayson Perry … and Bob Geldof … Plus Murdoch’s most senior hacks including Tony Gallagher … John Witherow … Martin Ivens … Tom Newton Dunn … Adam Boulton … Beth Rigby … Iain Martin … Danny Finklestein … And a few more big names from the media world including Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre … London Evening Standard owner Evgeny Lebedev … and Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson.”


BAME and LGBT Labour members have also objected strongly to Philips, with accusations that the Birmingham Yardley MP has issues with both race and the trans community going unanswered.

Phillips has accused British Pakistanis of “importing wives for disabled sons” and claimed that “mass Cologne sex attacks on women” which were later found to be Islamophobic fake news were “like Birmingham every weekend”. In 2016 she called the police to a travelling community in her constituency of Birmingham Yardley and is noted for her pride at telling Britain’s first black female MP Diane Abbott to “fuck off“.

Easy now Jayda Fransen.

Alongside her race issues, Phillips has called the demands of the transphobic Women’s Place UK “completely reasonable”

Rarely actually associating with the working class, Jess Philips is The Guardian-reading liberal idea of what a working-class person actually acts like. Despite being a clear narcissist, her self absorption only empowered by a very weird cult of online male fantasists, it is likely that Blairite loyalists are only too aware of her toxic nature amongst the grassroots.

Philips candidature is not a serious one, her standing designed merely to make the likes of Keir Starmer appear more palatable. Labour members should not fall for this clear attempt at duplicity and as best as possible just continue trying to ignore Jess Phillips.

Don’t feed the troll.



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