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Israeli Settlers Increasing Terror Attacks on Palestinian Farmers, Three Fresh Attacks Reported

There are fresh reports of Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian farmers in the West Bank, with three fresh incidents reported in the past few days, adding to the increasing number of attacks over previous weeks.

The first incident occurred this past Friday at Tal village, southwest of Nablus. Reports indicate that the attacking settlers came from the Gilad Zohar colony, one of the many settlements in the area that are illegal under international law. One man, identified locally as Issa Hamed Saleh Ramadan, 55, was wounded during the incident.

A second incident was reported on Monday when an armed settler attacked a group of Palestinians working in their olive orchard in Shoufa village, east of Tulkarem in the West Bank. The settler is said to have originated from the illegal colony of Avnei Hefetz and attacked Mahmoud Abdul-Karim Droubi and his brothers without cause or justification, threatening to shoot and kill the family if they did not vacate their orchard. The settler was said to be both armed and accompanied by dogs with the family sadly being forced to flee.

Also on Monday, settlers attacked farmers in their orchards south of Jenin, attacking them with stones from a hilly vantage point.

These attacks add to the growing number of such incidents this year, with recent attacks also reported in Burin village, south of Nablus and an incident in the Chalet Qitta where an olive harvest was stolen following an invasion by the colonialists.

Such terroristic attacks and incursions are frequent in the area, particularly during the olive harvest season. Attacks often see entire Palestinian families driven off their land, trees uprooted and orchards either burned, flooded or poisoned with chemicals.

The attacks on Palestinian orchards are part of a wider program of terror and harassment carried out by Israeli settlers against Palestinians, with attacks on homes, land, vehicles and mosques being frequently reported as the colonialists attempt to terrorise the local population into fleeing their land and homes.



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