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Independent Left-Wing Media and Journalists in Government Cross-Hairs

Mere hours after the victory of Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party in Thursday’s British general election, the first moves to silence British socialism were made as John Mann made express threats against The Canary.

Posting on Twitter, the absurd “antisemitism tsar” (Witchfinder General) posted on Twitter that he intends to come after independent media under the pretence of “antisemitism”.

The far-right Israeli government have long used false claims of “antisemitism” to stop international criticism of their policies of apartheid and genocide against the Palestinian people, conflating the abomination of Jew-hatred with the legitimate right to criticise the actions of individual nation-states.

Mann wrote that “I can this morning announce that as government adviser on antisemitism that I will be instigating an investigation this January into the role of the Canary and other websites in the growth of antisemitism in the United Kingdom.”

The attempts to silence The Canary and other anti-Zionist and pro-socialist websites took an even further alarming turn as the Guido Fawkes blog called for the “de-platforming” of socialists, a call that was echoed by “comedian” and former Blairite Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika. There is a clear attempt to redefine socialism as “far-left” and in turn equate “far-left” as on a par with far-right extremism.

The failure of the fourth estate to hold the government to account was seen throughout the 2019 General Election, with the oligarch controlled media having set about destroying Jeremy Corbyn from the moment he became Labour leader. Staffed by establishment loyalists, this intolerance of socialism spread to the BBC who were widely seen to be heavily biased in favour of Johnson.

With the mainstream press sown up, it has only been the likes of The Canary, openDemocracy, OffGuardian and Skwawkbox that have been successful in combatting the government narrative both domestically and internationally. It is logical, however, that this newly emboldened far-right government would immediately seek to silence the independent press who are challenging these narratives and the domination of the Murdochised mainstream media.

There is no mention of combatting the extremist Islamophobia and far-right agenda of the likes of Breitbart, nor the mainstream hate of the Daily Mail, Sun and Express, exposing the sham for what it is.

Sadly the writing was on the wall for independent journalism the minute that Julian Assange was dragged from the Ecuadorian embassy. From Boris Johnson threatening to remove Channel 4’s license for empty chairing him to this latest affront, open season has been declared and we must defend The Canary and the freedom of the independent press. They are the last voice of independent political thought in Britain.



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