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Germany: 'When I Came Back Everyone Was Dead'- Witness Recalls Hanau Terror Attack

Witnesses, friends, and family members of victims of the deadly shootings that occurred in Hanau on Wednesday night recalled what happened on Thursday, and expressed their fear of similar incidents happening in the future.

“It was a right-wing extremist with a racist background. He came to this city and killed these people, not even shot them. He has assassinated them,” Said Yusuf.

Another man, Mohammed, was at one of the locations where the shootings took place, and by chance narrowly escaped with his life.

“The boys ordered pizza. They invited me to join them. I told them that I will have a meal with my wife. They laughed at me asking me if I am afraid of my wife. I told them ‘Of course’. Then I left and 30 or 40 seconds later – boom. I heard shots. I thought maybe carnival or fireworks. When I came back everyone was dead,” he said.

Another man, Osman, said that they never faced any issues in the town, and worried about the future.

“We never had problems with Germans. Many Germans come to buy their groceries at the store, which is in Turkish hands. The Afd agitates the people so it has to come to this. It should be forbidden, Where will this all end? Today its this guy, and tomorrow another guy will copy him.”

A gunman opened fire outside one shisha bar in the city’s Heumarkt district and drove off to a second location in the Kesselstadt district where he opened fire again, killing nine people and injuring several others late on Wednesday evening. The suspect was a 43-year-old German citizen from Hanau.

Together with his 72-year-old mother, he was found dead at his home in the early hours of Thursday morning.



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