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Far-Right British Press Attempting to Claim Anti-Trump Protests "Fell Flat" – Don't Believe the Lie

With a shocking level of predictability, the far-right supporting British press is attempting to portray protests that have been seen across the country against Donald “orange baby” Trump as having “fallen flat”.

Like a dotty old Grandmother, it’s almost endearing in a way that the likes of The Sun still think they can get away with fake news of this nature in 2019 when social media quite easily disproves the lie.

State of this.

Despite The Sun and Rupert Murdoch’s attempts to downplay the significance of the protests, the figures have been clearly stated by a number of different outlets including The New York Times as being in the tens of thousands.

Metropolitan Police Photo

Downplaying the significance of huge numbers of citizens angrily protesting an individual who is said to be Britains closest ally is designed only to attempt to rewrite the narrative and make it appear as though Trump and far-right populism are not universally reviled.

Perhaps The Sun would like to spin the 2018 YouGov poll that found that 77% of Britons have an unfavourable view of Donald Trump.

ITV, 12 July 2018

“I didn’t see the protesters until just a little while ago and it was a very, very small group of people put in for political reasons so it was fake news”

Donald Trump

Of course, the Presidential oaf has never been very good with numbers.

Yuge numbers

Nope, not very good at all.

Screenshot, New York Times

Here’s Manchester.

And London.

And London again.

The newspapers have long since learned that “hurrah for the Blackshirts” just won’t cut it in the modern era. Now they are more deceptive, more insidious. They will trickle down fake news and dog-whistles such as this in an attempt to gradually turn the tide to the public toward the far-right.

The Daily Mail

If people believe that something is popular amongst the masses, they are far more likely to not only take an interest in it but actively support it themselves. This is the herd mentality that the British press utilises to maximum effect. It must be resisted and called out for what it is – fake news and far-right propaganda.

Socialists and activists are well aware that there is now a concerted effort amongst the press and members of the political establishment to bring about the circumstances in Britain that will allow the ascension of the far-right to the corridors of power in the same manner as in countries such as Italy.

While hard of thinking trolls might make a lot of noise on social media, the normal and right thinking British public has shown time and again, both in polls and on the streets, that they overwhelmingly reject not only Donald Trump but the attempts by far-right forces to gain a foothold in this country.

We shall leave the final word to Jeremy Corbyn.



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