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Extinction Rebellion: The Art of the Rebellion

The October protests by Extinction Rebellion brought a swathe of comment, controversy and memories. Despite draconian bans on the freedom to protest and yet more mass arrests, the operation once again succeeded in highlighting the grave threat posed to life on the planet by the actions of governments and corporations around the globe.

But alongside the moments of noise and action, there were quieter and more artistic expressions of protest. While we may think of protest as loud, in your face and angry, it comes in a great many forms and perhaps one of the greatest of those forms is through creativity and the arts.

Here’s some of our favourites:

10: When It All Went a Bit Lovecraft

9: Protest Pebbles

8: Red Brigade

7: Artistic Oppression

Extinction Rebellion – Tate Modern | saw2th

6: Meaningful Murals

5: A Parade of Our Future

4: The Ever-Reliable Body Paint

3: Civil Disco-Bedience

2: The Veggie Dance Party

1: Flash Mob Dance

The posting of the 20 second clip from a ten minute flash mob dance first by Mike Nayna and then the retweet by the ever odious Piers Morgan sadly led to a significant amount of trolling against the organisers of the piece.

Sadly, there are still a significant number of grown-ass men in positions of authority and influence who feel the need to mock and insult those without the platform or ability to respond on the major platform that they do. Perhaps this institutionalised bullying reaffirms their manhood in their own mind or perhaps the populist response of the braying mob quells an evident internal self-loathing for another day.

Either way, we loved it and the full piece can be viewed at below.



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