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China: Beijing Denounces 'Stigma' Against China Over COVID-19

Spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Geng Shuang denounced during his press conference, in Beijing on Friday, U.S. attempts to ‘stigmatize’ China over the outbreak of the coronavirus and called on the U.S. to be transparent regarding the spread of the virus there.

“Chinese people feel outraged and [stand] firmly against it,” said Geng, speaking of the U.S. attempts to “relate the Covid-19 to China and to stigmatize China.” Geng added that the “World Health Organisation and the international community has an explicit consensus against relating the virus to a particular country or stigmatisation.”

The speaker accused the U.S. of “suppressing” the Chinese media after “expelling 60 Chinese journalists from the U.S.,” in an attempt, he said, to “hinder the obtaining of information,” and to cover up “dirty secrets.” Geng regarded the expulsion of U.S. journalists from China, weeks after the American move, to be a “justifiable defence.”

Geng questioned U.S. transparency and asked if “they can invite specialists to the U.S. to investigate and relieve the international community’s doubts.”

After being pressed for the second straight day, on Thursday, on why he is calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus,” U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that he is using this term because of the Chinese attempts to blame the U.S. military for spreading the Covid -19.

As the coronavirus continues to tighten its grip on the U.S., China reported the second day in a row without new confirmed cases.



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