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ChickenCoup Mark 3.0: Labour Centrists Ally With Peoples Vote to Move Against Corbyn

Yet another attempted coup is expected against the British socialist Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the plotters expected to attempt to utilise the European Election results as a pretext for attempting to oust him. Coming at a critical moment for the political future of Britain, the neoliberal plotters fear that the ongoing implosion of the Conservative party could lead to the collapse of the government and the ascension of Corbyn to number 10.

Reports last night already indicated that plotters were planning to attack and oust Corbyn no matter the result in conjunction with People’s Vote, with plans drawn up for lines of attack, attempting to portray Corbyn as being involved in a deliberate attempt to undermine remain. People’s Vote were believed to be briefing against Corbyn and Seamus Milne.

With Labour being expected to form the next government in most recent polls, such a possibility cannot possibly be acceptable to the likes of Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Tom Watson and the Labour Friends of Israel, a combination of pro-austerity, pro-Israel and pro-war neoliberals openly defying the Labour leadership.

Centrists have already begun a campaign against Corbyn under the hashtag #CorbynOut on Twitter, the hashtag being utilised by neoliberals and the far-right across party lines to attempt to portray Corbyn not backing Vote Remain strongly enough as the cause of the party losing votes at the EU elections.

This logic flies in the face of the results which show no one definitive outcome, with results able to be skewered in any direction to fit both Vote Remain and Vote Leave’s narratives. While Remain is suggesting that remain parties defeated Brexit parties, they don’t include either the Conservatives or Labour in that calculation, despite both having a stated policy of leaving the European Union. Nobody voting Conservative will be doing so on the expectation of staying in the EU and even if you remove Labour from the equation, Brexit parties still defeated Remainers when the Tories are considered.

The decision whether to back Remain or Leave has been a divisive one across the political spectrum with large sections of Labour’s traditional working-class base supporting Brexit in conjunction with Conservatives, the far-right and traditional socialists. Neoliberal centrists and a majority of young people, however, are fully behind Remain, meaning that no matter what position anyone takes then a significant portion of the electorate are going to feel slighted by their party.

Labour’s strategy of attempting to bring the most positive outcome for all sides, while allowing the Conservative Party to implode, had worked, Labour sitting at the top of most opinion polls. As the party of “the many, not the few” Labour must not betray either the working class or the youth and must continue on the course that has already worked successfully.

If Labour moves toward an all-out ultra-remain position in an attempt to win back votes from the Lib Dems, a position that now seems likely, the party faces being wiped out in the working class north in favour of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, handing the north and Labour’s working-class base to the right for a generation. Should the Tories, as expected, elect arch-Brexiteer Boris Johnson and begin to claw back votes from the Brexit Party, the probability that Labour would lose the next election only increases. Of course, such is the intention of the Blairites with Tony Blair himself having admitted he would rather lose than stand on a leftist platform. A loss would also open up Corbyn to another future leadership struggle.

Ousting Corbyn will relegate Britain to an immediate future of a privatised NHS, a future war with Iran, more enablement of the genocides in Palestine and Yemen and the deaths of thousands more through austerity. The stakes are far bigger than Brexit.

Any attempt to manipulate or misrepresent the results must be denied, as must the machinations of the increasingly deranged and out of touch Blairites. Labour supporters must not allow the far-right or liberals to influence their opinions and must stand firm to defend Corbyn and a socialist future for Great Britain.



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