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Blairite Tears As Alastair Campbell Is Finally Suspended From the Labour Party

Blairites are crying into their Prosecco this afternoon after Alastair Campbell was finally suspended from the Labour Party, their arrogant bubble being burst at last.

No doubt believing he was untouchable through years of inaction against the neoliberal anti-Corbyn faction, Campbell openly admitted to having voted for the Lib Dems during the BBC’s election night broadcast on Sunday.

Despite refusing to say he would be voting Labour and indicating he would indeed vote Lib Dem, Campbell has tried to claim he voted Lib Dem “without advance publicity”.

He also felt the need to continue to disrupt the party and promote division, suggesting there were others who were equally disloyal that he knew of.

The anti-Corbyn cult has already attempted to deflect criticism of Campbell’s behaviour with an increasing string of whataboutery, absurdly trying to portray Campbell as a martyr.

The geriatric Margaret Hodge, who herself should be facing disciplinary action, as usual invoked the “antisemitism” conspiracy theory. Hodge makes disparaging reference to activist Jackie Walker who has been the victim of vile racist abuse by Labour Friends of Israel supporters in the recent past.

Devoid of any constructive or intellectual argument, Jess Phillips also reverts to type with whataboutery.

Both show how out of touch with Labour grassroots they are, with Labour supporters and Momentum hailing the decision to suspend Campbell.

The neoliberals will of course not take the suspension of one of their chief supporters laying down and a response will no doubt be expected against Corbyn and Labour’s socialist base.

Action must also be taken against the likes of Margaret Hodge and Kate Hoey who have openly suggested boycotting votes for Labour, openly aided other parties and even suggested the possibility of voting for them rather than the Labour Party.

The suspension of Alastair Campbell is a positive first step however and should mark a watershed moment for Corbyn’s Labour, being seen as a signal to the Blairite faction that they will no longer be allowed to act with impunity to undermine Labour Party policy or the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.



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