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As Brexit Party Pledges Backing to Boris Johnson, Its Time for the Lib Dems to Stand Down

The Brexit Party have pledged to not stand candidates in constituencies with an existing Conservative MP, giving Boris Johnson a free run at 317 seats. The move leaves opposition to the Tories in a precarious position, with the Lib Dems being vocal in refusing to work with Labour despite Jeremy Corbyn standing as the only possible alternative Prime Minister to Johnson.

The move is a huge boost to the flagging Conservative campaign and the very real possibility now exists that the Liberal Democrats will ironically be responsible for a no-deal Brexit as they split the vote and allow Johnson a general election majority by splitting the opposition vote against the government.

The Liberal Democrats must get real very quickly and end the delusional pretensions that they and Jo Swinson can win a general election and she can become the next Prime Minister.

This is not reality, its fantasy.

All polls show that the election is a two horse race with Liberal Democrat support receding following recent fake news scandals, the admittance of ex-Tories causing a lurch toward the right and new focus on the right-wing voting record of Swinson.

Unfortunately this reality seems lost on the Lib Dems who seem to be more interested in increasing their own share of seats in parliament, virtue signalling and extending the personality cult around Jo Swinson than actually having a genuine commitment to defeating Boris Johnson and a no-deal Brexit. 

Swinson has ruled out backing Jeremy Corbyn in a hung parliament.

The Liberal Democrats have a long history of splitting the vote and allowing Tory governments. 

A prime example is the very first election that the Lib Dems fought in 1992 where they received just under 6 million votes under the charismatic Paddy Ashdown. At the same election, Labour received around 11.4m votes and the victorious Tories received 14m. In 2015, the Lib Dems received 2.4m votes as a rightful backlash to the 2010 coalition, Labour under Ed Miliband received around 9.3m, the winning Tories received 11.3m. Yet again, had those votes been received by Labour they would have won the popular vote. By 2017 they managed a further 2.4m votes while Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour received 12.9m. Theresa May and the Tories received 13.6m. The Lib Dems once again cost Labour the popular vote and seats all across the country and allowed another two years of austerity and chaos under May and lately Boris Johnson.

With the stakes so high, the Lib Dems must understand that they are a merely a hinderance to efforts to unseat Johnson and the Conservative government. 

They must immediately stand down in every Labour held constituency and every marginal with a Labour chance.

Now is the moment that the true nature of the Liberal Democrats will be revealed. In blocking Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, they will be singularly responsible for a Johnson majority government and potential no deal or bad deal Brexit, having proven once again that their interests lay in themselves and in protecting neo-liberalism rather than protecting the people of this country. 

They must do the right thing and back Labour as the only party who can now stop Johnson and Farage.



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