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12 Killed As Israel Launches Terror Attacks Deliberately Targeting Civilians Across the Gaza Strip

12 people have been killed and dozens more injured after Israel launched a series of strikes across the Gaza Strip with reports indicating deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian neighbourhoods.

Amongst the dead are Abdulsalam Al Ahmad and Abdullah Al Balbisi who are said to have been killed in missile strikes in the North Gaza city of Beit Hanoon.

Three more civilians were killed in the nearby city of Beit Lahia and have been named as Rani Fayez Abu Nasr, Jihad Abu Khater and Wael Aziz Abdulnabi.

Ibrahim Dabous and Zaki Ghannam have also been named on Twitter as a victims of the Israeli attacks this morning.

Also among the deceased was Khaled Faraj, a member of Islamic Jihad and both Islamic Jihad leader Abu al-Ata and his wife.

The atrocities have stretched across Gaza, with homes being destroyed in Rafah in the south of the region as the so-called state of Israel begins yet another campaign of collective punishment against Palestinian civilians.

Reports from Gaza indicate a full scale major operation is underway against the Palestinian people that involves the use of all branches of the Israeli military.

There are reports that the apartheid state is using drones to deliberately target the civilian population.

The navy has been deployed against Palestinian boats.

Tanks have also been used against civilians in the east of the Gaza Strip, with yet more casualties reported.

Israel has been moving these tanks toward the Gaza border over the past 24 hours as fears grow of a potential full scale ground assault against the Palestinians.

Arab members of the Israeli parliament have accused Benjamin Netanyahu of engineering a fresh conflict in Gaza in order to make one last attempt at ensuring his political survival. Netanyahu is facing numerous corruption charges in Israel.

“The man who lost consecutive elections will leave the ground burned in a desperate attempt to stay in his position. For a decade, he [Netanyahu] worked every morning to prolong the occupation and undermine prospects for peace and this is what he did today as well.”

MK Ayman Odeh



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